Kidics Media LLC was formed in 2017 by Matt & Jen Verg. Their goal was to create entertaining content. Little did they know, filming events was going to be in their future! Their business model took a turn of direction, and they began focusing on others instead of themselves.

"I never imagined the camera facing others not ourselves." - Matt Verg

Through years of practice, training, and research, they've gained the necessary expertise and knowledge for both consumer and commercial grade media. We believe in bending the curve of innovation to fit our needs and wants. This is how we satisfy our clients in return.
Kidics provides high quality 4K HDR (high-dynamic range) content mastered for both commercial broadcasting and consumer based consumption, be it digitally mastered (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) or physical mediums (DVD, Bluray, etc).​​​​​​​
To create beautiful and inspirational captivating moments of love that shows through photo and film.
Create accessible media for communities who feel overwhelmed or underprivileged by the technicalities of creative content.
Values Statement
Matt Verg
Founder & DOP
(that's director of photography)... you're welcome
Matthew was born and raised in and around Madison, WI his entire life. He graduated in 2008 from DeForest High School and pursued a career in Technology Management, attending Herzing University. It wasn't long until he decided to cut his education short in order to spend more time at home with his newborn daughter and wife, Jennifer.
Through Matthew's adolescent years, he always had a fascination and passion for acting. From the age of 8 years old, the camera was always there.
It was a dreamworld...

A still frame of Matt Verg's family home videos of him acting.

Jen Verg
Co-Founder & Project Manager

+ Secondary Videographer
Jennifer was born and raised in Romulus, MI. Matt and Jen met online through their middle and high school years. She attended Romulus High School alongside her 2006 alumni classmates.
Their online friendship became a real relationship in 2009, when she decided to move to WI to live with her soulmate!
Jennifer is currently studying in the field of Social Working with a primary focus in child welfare.
Though she didn't have the same camera experience growing up as Matt did, she is very supportive to the Kidics initiative, business goals, and sharing the passion behind the lens.
Family's her safe place...
Breanna Manning
Lead Photographer
Breanna was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She likes listening to soul/rap music and playing GTA 5 RP. We hear she's also into drinking H20...
On a serious note, Breanna enjoys planning events whenever she can help her family out. Breanna also helps as a third videographer for Kidics Media LLC. She's now become Kidics' fulltime lead photographer.
Turn your wounds into wisdom...
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